Central Pennsylvania Hunger Facts

According to Hunger Bites, the population in Cumberland County is 237,449. Of those individuals, 11.5% or approximately 27,240 people face food insecurity issues. In Franklin County, Hunger Bites found that 11.5% or approximately 17,318 of residents also face food insecurity issues. SPO serves both the Cumberland and Franklin County area of Shippensburg, providing fresh produce and eggs to more than 1000 individuals every month. Shippensburg Produce and Outreach will continue working within the community to help decrease the number of individuals who struggle daily with food insecurities.

More Hunger Statistics:

  • 1 in 7 individuals struggle with hunger in central Pennsylvania.
  • 1 in 5 households with children struggle with food hardship in Pennsylvania
  • 5% of central Pennsylvania is food insecure; meaning their access to enough food is limited by a lack of money and other resources.
  • Increases in the price of heating oil, gasoline and rents have resulted in record numbers of individuals and families seeking food assistance during the last year.
  • 5% of central Pennsylvania’s population live in households with food insecurity and are at risk for hunger.
  • 21% of Pennsylvania children live in poverty.

Children who experience hunger and food insecurity are more likely to:

  • Require special education
  • Miss days of school
  • Repeat a grade
  • Be suspended from school
  • Suffer health issues

All individuals who experience hunger and food insecurity are more likely to:

  • Live in poor overall health
  • Develop chronic illnesses
  • Suffer from depression
  • Experience psychosocial dysfunction

Hunger depletes the strength of the working poor and perpetuates the cycle of poverty.