Our partners are a large part of our success and we are thankful for their commitment and passion. We appreciate all the work they do to help us fulfill our mission and help more than a hundred families each week!

Each partner plays an important role in our growth and development. Partners may donate food, resources, money, ideas or help us in any other way that they can!

To become a partner, please contact info@shipout.org. Once you become a partner, we will display your organization’s logo along with a link to your website. Together, we can make an impact on hunger in a healthy way!

Supporting Congregations

  • Shippensburg Memorial Lutheran Church
  • Shippensburg St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
  • Newburg Otterbein United Methodist Church
  • Middle Spring Presbyterian Church
  • The Oasis of Love Church
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Green Spring First┬áChurch of God

Our Partners